Zavod Rizoma, Čermožiše 93, 2287 Žetale, SLOVENIA

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We have had volunteers reach us by combinations of foot, bike, train, bus, van, car, air. If you can get close we can always come and collect you for the final few kilometers.

Closest airports: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Graz.

Closest train stations: Rogatec, Ptuj, Maribor.

Ljubljana → Celje → Rogatec

By bus: Get to Ptuj and then small local bus to Zetale village then a 3k walk.

Ljubljana → Ptuj → Zetale

National rail and bus services and Flixbus are all good options.

Car Share: There is also which is a car share service which might help you connect between cities if you can translate the webpage.

There is also a shuttle bus service between major airports and cites.

Cheapest is usually Flixbus + Local bus + Walk.

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