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Workshops and Knowledge Exchange

Here you will find a selection of learning activities, broadly but not limited to the area STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). The A for Art here is an important ingredient in what we like to do @Rizoma. We have a particular interest in performance and theater, body, sound, music and improvisation.

Knowledge Exchange Workshops


DIY Microscopy and UROŠ Field Trip

Date: 21.10.21
Location: Selo Farm / Zavod Rizoma HQ + GT22 Hacklab

In October 2021 we hosted a knowledge exchange session with artists and scientists Paula Pin (Spain), Miranda Moss (South Africa) and Hortense Vielfaure (France) who were visiting the region as part of the KonS funded UROŠ (Ubiquitous Rural Open Science Hardware) project. When they visited Selo they brought many pieces of open hardware and biohacking paraphernalia. We investigated and tested the projects they were working on. One of the most engaging of these objects was the most simple, a DIY microscope made from an old webcam and a simple laser cut platform. These DIY microscopes have been around for some time now but with webcam quality increasing the results possible now are quite impressive.

The first experimenting using this was a yeast count on the Kviek (Voss) yeast harvested from a batch of ale from our farmhouse brewery.

We have now started making a version using some raspberry pi cams we already have in our lab which will give us higher resolution than the old web cams we were using here.

We are very grateful to Paula Pin for gifting Rizoma some equipment from her overloaded lab in a suitcase! Now we have beginnings of the Rizoma BioHackLab!

Kilju Chamber 1.0 - Soil Respiration Measurement

Another interesting piece of open hardware soil lab equipment. It was originally developed during the RandeLab Soil Retreat as part of the HUMUS.Sapiens research phase and discussed on the hackteria forum. Continued during UROS (UROŠ - Ubiquitous Rural Open Science Hardware) in Maribor, 2021. It was during this UROŠ research period that we held this knowledge exchange workshop in Selo.

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2020 Microscopy Intro

Prior to his microscopy workshop in Pifcamp2020 open soil researcher Dr Julian Chollet from Humus Sapiens came to visit us @selo and gave a mini workshop knowledge exchange session.

Photo: 2019 Microscopy Mini Workshop @Selo.

Workshop Offerings

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