Fermentation Lab Projects

There are an ever growing number of active fermentation projects taking place at Rizoma and we are particularly interested in hearing from artists and performers working with this theme for our 2022/2023 program. We also hold group workshops and individual beginners lessons on the subject. Please sign up to our mail list for updates info@zavodrizoma.si.

In the brewery we produce various types of ales, from Pale Ales and Hazy NEIPAs to Imperial Stouts. In the dark beers we use Slovenian and German hops and for the Pale beers we additionally use new world hops. We are a tiny brewery working with 4 fermenters ranging from 100-300 Litres our brew kettle is 80L so we are generally cooking 65L batches, if we are thirsty we will cook 4 brews over 36 hours into one of the larger fermenters. We bottle for distribution to friends and family and anyone else who would like to do some barter. We use cornelius kegs for drinking from the the farm tap. We will start producing some of our own ingredients starting with our favorite Slovenian hops, Aurora, next season.

All our beer recipes here: https://brewgr.com/!/SELO The brewery will soon have its own dedicated wiki page here.

Chilli plants are one of the favourite crops here and we grow about 150 plants every other year and a smaller crop of superhots in the off years. We ferment our hot sauce for one year as a 5% salt mash and then before processing and bottling we add 20% vinegar and 10 fresh Carolina Reaper superhots per litre. We also add a pinch of xanthan gum per litre as a natural emulsifier. This is our base recipe. Some versions of the sauce have garlic added too but generally that is all our ingredients. Chilli peppers, salt, garlic, vinegar, xantan gum. We don't add any extras such as carrots, tomatoes etc. More recipes and photos of project chili are coming soon here.

Additionally, we use the brewery to produce various wines from foraged wild produce. The favorites are elderflower wine and champagne and elderberry wine all of which we produce using natural fermentation methods.

Symbiosis and Culture, the Rizoma ethos encapsulated. At the heart of Kombucha is the SCOBY, a Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria. Thanks to the huge SCOBY donation from Ahac Meden from DRMR at PifCamp 2021 we have started our Kombucha project at scale. Our regular “house” Kombocha recipe uses the fermented Pooer tea as a base. Kombucha, pictures, recipes etc. have their own page (coming soon) here.

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