Dry Grassland Meadows

In 2018 we became a participant in the lifetograsslands project. Much of our non-woodland hectares are currently managed as dry grasslands. The key environmental challenge addressed by the project is the conservation of biodiversity in the agricultural cultural landscape.

Extensive dry grasslands are among the most endangered habitats. We have been facing the decline of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape in Europe for several decades, which is why Slovenia has a particularly important role to play in preserving it.

The project is intended to improve the condition and ensure long-term management of dry grasslands and related plant and animal species in four project sub-areas: Haloze, Pohorje, Kum and Gorjanci (Natura 2000 sites). All four areas face problems of overgrowing and abandonment of agricultural use on the one hand and inadequate, over-intensive agricultural use on the other.

More from the Life to Grasslands website here: Text copyright: Life to Grasslands.

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