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Zavod za umetniško produkcijo in trajnostni razvoj RIZOMA Čermožiše Registration number 8752079


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dawnchorus 2021



Support Us

Volunteer with Rizoma

We welcome volunteers to come and work with us both on short and longer term arrangements! [currently covid 19 restrictions apply] We are registered with Workaway and in normal times accept volunteers to come to our camp in the summer months to help with growing vegetables, maintaining grassland and orchard and help with woodland management. If you are interested in joining us for a volunteering experience please find our user profile selofarm on []( or direct link to our profile [here](

Day Working Actions

Day working actions. We also do regular working actions where, as a team, we tackle a big job. If you are interested in joining us please sign up to our mailing list (email us on [](

Plant-a-tree Crypto Carbon-Offset Project

Feeling bad about all the energy your bitcoin miners are using… no problem send us a donation and we will plant trees with it.


If you would like to support us as a patron, making a monthly donation to help us with our project you can do so here: rizoma

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